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Buggy World offers a variety of frames to purchase. We sell Knock Down Kits (steel bends cut to length-you weld),Tack kits (tack weld,can't be shipped), and fully welded frames. Buggy World's Knock Down frame kits are available in two or four seat rear-engine standard top frames only(TO VIEW STANDARD & T-TOP FRAMES, GO TO INLAID SWITCH PANELS FOR A CLOSE UP PICTURE). We also have a Standard Bracketry Package available for $575.00. It includes all of the following: gas tank brackets, oil cool mounts, oil filter mounts, engine support brackets, ammo can bar, third tranny mounts, shift linkage, turning brake mounts, floor, battery box, spring plate retainer, mirror mount, driver foot bar, passenger foot bar, steering mounts, exhaust bar, pedal plates, seat belt tabs, headlight tabs, antenna tab, chain links, & hose carrier.    
(f-kd1)  Knockdown kits

(f-kd1) Knockdown kits

Our knock down kit, 2 or 4 seat, is available in Standard or T-Top frames. Our knockdown kits are not notched. Includes seat belt tabs, head light tabs, tail light tabs, shift box, steering bearing and front end clamps. All bends are cut to length. (11 pcs of bent tubing ONLY.) Nothing is welded or tacked. There are no moon bars and no rear cage. Dimensions are as follows; 2 seat frame-3' wide, 10" height , 11' length , weight 60 pounds. 4 seat frame- 4' wide, 10" height, 12' length, weight 60 pounds.


seat type:
$570.00 ea.

(f-tw1) Tack kits      (stage #1)

(f-tw1) Tack kits (stage #1)

Our tack kits come with seat belt tabs, head light tabs, tail light tabs, steering bearing, and a shift box. Does not have torsion, floor, cross bars, or rear cage. Tack kits can't be shipped.


Tack kit type:
$730.00 ea.

(f-tw2) Complete Tack Kit(stage #2)

(f-tw2) Complete Tack Kit(stage #2)

Complete tack kits are cut, bent fitted, and tacked. The kits include seat belt tabs, head light tabs, tail light tabs, steering bearing, shift box, torsion, rear cage and cross bars. Does not include floor. Tack kits can't be shipped.


Complete Tack Kit Type:
$1,150.00 ea.

(f-w1) Fully Welded Spartan Frames

(f-w1) Fully Welded Spartan Frames

Fully welded two seat (96" wheel base), four seat (108" wheel base) Rear engine with factory torsion. Dimensions are as follows; 4 1/2' (wide), 4' (height), 12' (length), weight approximately 250 pounds (bracketry pkg. add 50 pounds).


Fully Welded Spartan Frame:
Switch Panel Options:
Standard Bracketry Package:
Custom Paint:
Side Panels:
$1,425.00 ea.